Friday 23rd June 2017

CRAIG BARR once conducted his best friend’s wedding.

Now he’s hoping that he’s put together another match made in heaven – himself and Dumbarton.

The defender has shown several times that he’s game for anything, not least when he qualified as a humanist celebrant to oversee his pal’s big day three years ago.

And if you need any further proof, just look at the name he’s signed on his contract.

Craig Mango Barr. His actual full name.

Now, after signing from Raith Rovers, he hopes that his stay at the Rock can be a fruitful one.

Speaking to www.dumbartonfootballclub.com, Craig said: “I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been dealing with the manager for two or three weeks and it’s all been positive.

“I’m hoping that the team can do well and build on last season, and I’m looking forward to being part of it.

“My best mate was getting married in New York in 2014 and nobody knew a thing about me conducting the ceremony.

“People were wondering where the minister was, but I’d got everything signed and sealed and did it as a surprise.

“It’s something I’ve joked about with the minister at Raith Rovers, who said it was competition for him. But it was all tongue in cheek and a one off for a laugh.

“The Mango name is another question I keep getting asked. I even got asked about it at training last night.

“I was on a boys’ holiday and we were having a few drinks by the pool when we all made up stupid names for each other.

“Many years later, 90 per cent of the boys still have those nicknames. Mine is on my passport and my driving licence – and even on the contract I’ve just signed at Dumbarton!”

Although Craig is a new signing to Dumbarton, he walked into his first training session last night to a dressing room full of familiar faces.

And despite his share of trouble with injuries in recent seasons, he hopes the worst is behind him and a new club means a fresh start in terms of fitness.

He added: “I know a couple of the boys already, like Mark Stewart and Christian Nade, who I played beside at Raith Rovers.

“Some of the others I don’t know personally, but you get to know players when you play against them four, five, six times a season.

“Injuries are something people will always raise once my name is mentioned. Anybody who knows me knows that I pride myself on keeping fit.

“I had three injuries in a row – it’s like some sort of freak accident. It may seem easier to give up but that’s not in my nature at all.

“I feel I’ve overcome the obstacles. I really want to get a good season under my belt and show everybody that’s the case.”

Andy Galloway

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