Sunday 14th February 2021

OUR Valentine’s Day poetry competition for our younger supporters has been won by Carla Dobbin.

Carla’s excellent effort, reproduced below, was inspired by Dumbarton United’s 2004 team and their coach, Kenny.

DU’s 2004 team already have some connections with Sons, as their keeper Michael Carr has been in our matchday squad on a couple of occasions this season.

And manager Jim Duffy selected Carla’s entry out of the many we received as the best of the bunch.

Well done Carla, and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a signed photo of your favourite player as your prize. Here’s the winning entry in full:

There was a young footballer
fae Dumbarton
Who’s team mates
he’d try not to dishearten
He scored every week,
his game at its peak – always
tackled hard, never weak!

Whilst out on the toon,
he met Sarah Broon
A beautiful lass
who was wicked at pool
She even bloody understood
the offside rule

Anyhoo, he fell in love
and that was that
His focus was gone
and the team were pissed ‘aff
When he asked to play Kenny said “sorry mate, you having a laugh”?

Off he went, right in the huff
He thought, what’s wrong with them all? I’m big and I’m buff
Well, boy he was sore,
he thought I’ll show them all
Next day, boots were on,
he was out wi’ the ball

Running and jumping,
keepie-uppies galore,
He thought I’ll have them coming back for more…

Next week, he was delighted,
he was picked for the squad
Although he shook his heid
and thought ‘Christ this line-ups flawed’ 😂

He scored not 1, not 2 but 3
A heider, top right, bottom left
The coaches were full of glee
Gloating they were across the pitch
Dreaming of DU finally becoming rich

But then the other team
started to fight back
By half-time they’d equalised
DU were losing their knack

Then all of a sudden
Sarah came into sight
with a gaggle of lassies
They all thought ‘lads we
better play right’

They all knew it was worth
more than a victory
Some of them might get ‘a pull’
and that would make DU history… 🤣😂

Dumbarton Football Club

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