Friday 1st April 2022

As it’s gone midday, we can safely reveal that…yes, this is an April Fool. We hope it made you smile.

A NEW clothing line is set to be launched by Sam Ramsbottom and Sam Muir, as part of their work at The Two Sams modelling agency.

Perhaps it may come as a surprise, but the two Sams have a sideline away from playing football, in the world of fashion.

Running the modelling agency away from football, the two of them now have their own line of gear which they are going to put on sale to fans.

It is set to go on sale to our supporters from next Saturday’s game against Peterhead.

Lines include the Line of Luxury (LOL) nightwear and Football On One Level (FOOL) sportswear.

Talking at training last night, Sam Ramsbottom said: “It’s something we’re incredibly excited about.

“Highly excited, in fact. We’ve been building up to this launch for weeks and we can’t wait to let our fans get their hands on our fashion lines.

“Everything will appeal to them, we’re certain of that. But right now, we’re focusing on tomorrow’s game against Alloa.”

Finishing last night’s training session, Sam Muir said: “Sam and I have worked hard to get this done.

“It’s been a long process, but we’re looking forward to letting fans see what we’ve been working on.

“Right now, though, we’re concentrating on facing Alloa and putting an important three points on the board tomorrow.”

Supporters can view the new clothing range from midday in Bar 72 ahead of the Peterhead game.

To find out a bit more, read the first letter of each paragraph in this story – and don’t forget to change your calendar.

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