Tuesday 22nd November 2016

DFC Director Ian Wilson has issued the following statement –

“Following the article about me in today’s Dumbarton Reporter I am issuing this press release with important facts missing from the publication.

“I refute categorially that I am embroiled in a tax evasion scheme. I am and always have been on a good standing with HMRC, my tax affairs are up to date and settled and will continue to be so. I have never received any tax benefits from my membership of Eclipse 35, and in fact became a ceasing member in early 2013. I am now part of a large and growing action group who believe we were mis sold Eclipse 35 as an approved scheme and are seeking legal redress from those who promoted it.

“Dumbarton Football Club is one of the oldest in the country, with a rich history, and it deserves a positive future. That goal is where I hope the press and all those who love the club will now direct their attention and energy.”

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