Stadium evacuation


This procedure details the duties and responsibilities of Dumbarton Football Club for the safe and controlled evacuation of the stadium in the event of an emergency situation.


Directors of Dumbarton Football Club
Club Safety Officer or Deputy Safety Officer
Event Management Company & Stewards
Emergency Services (Police and or Fire)


In the event of any emergency situation occurring the Safety Officer will assume control until arrival of emergency services, thereafter control of managing the incident will pass to the senior officer in charge of the emergency service attending.  

Should an incident occur when the police are already in attendance the safety officer and all stewards will follow the instructions of the senior officer who will take charge of the situation.

In the event that an evacuation of the stadium is necessary, turnstiles if open will be closed, stewards will ensure all emergency exits are open and direct spectators to leave by the nearest exit. Should the incident leading to evacuation occur within the concourse area of the stadium, the stewards will direct spectators away from these areas and towards the perimeter gates at the East and West ends of the stadium.  Stewards will assist disabled supporters as required. They are trained to observe and recognise when supporters might need assistance even if there is no visible evidence of a disability.

Two areas are defined for assembly points in the event of an emergency, the playing surface and also external to the stadium. The external assembly location is further divided into three muster stations, situated opposite the stand and away from the access road to avoid congestion or restricted movement for the emergency services. 

On arrival of emergency services, details of location and details of incident will be provided together with information on headcount status.  

On discovery of a fire, the Chief Steward and Safety Officer will be advised immediately with details of the actual location. The emergency services will be notified immediately and all stewards will be prepared for implementing the evacuation procedure when instructed. Stewards, who are trained in the use of fire extinguishers, may try to limit the spread of fire provided this can be achieved without any risk to themselves. 

Evacuation of the Stadium

1. Responsibility for evacuation

Corporate responsibility for evacuation will rest with: –

1.1 Safety Officer or Deputy Safety Officer

1.2 Emergency Services (Police/Fire & Rescue if in attendance)

2. Type of Evacuation

Total ground evacuation: – Floodlight failure, electrical failure, bomb threat, explosion or potential for structural collapse.

Partial ground evacuation: – Where fire can be isolated, combat disorder and or prevent contact between rival supporters. 

3. Method of Evacuation – Fire

Non-Match Days

In the event of a fire or fire alarm sounding all personnel should leave by the nearest exit point and assemble in the main car park.

Match Days

In the event of a fire or fire alarm sounding, stewards will clear all areas directing all personnel within ground to the field of play and await further instructions. Turnstiles will be closed until further instructions provided by Safety Officer or Match Commander if in attendance. 

4. Evacuation other than “Fire”

Stewards will be notified by radio or a coded message via the public address system of a potential situation requiring evacuation of ground. They will immediately take up their positions for such emergencies and await further instructions from the chief steward who will be instructed by the safety officer, Chief Executive or match commander. 

Turnstile operators will close gates and no further admission permitted until further advice received from the chief steward.

The decision on partial or full evacuation of the stadium will be taken by the safety officer or match commander and advised to the chief steward who will notify supervisors, stewards and turnstile operators.

Re-Entry after Evacuation

  1. The safety officer will inform the club and chief steward when the emergency situation is considered to be over and re-admittance of spectators allowed.
  2. The head steward will notify stewards by radio that re-entry to the stadium will commence shortly and to take their positions. 
  3. Spectators will be invited to return to the stadium using the perimeter gate at the end of the ground they exited from, directors and invited guests should re-enter by the front entrance. 
  4. Where possible stewards will attempt to restrict entry to only those spectators who exited the ground via the emergency and direct others to the turnstiles.






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