Friday 4th September 2020

DUMBARTON FC are “on track” for a return to live football in October, but there are still key decisions pending, recognises the club’s chairman.

John Steele said today: “Despite the continuing challenges of the pandemic, which has abated but not gone away, we at Dumbarton are continuing to work hard for a return in October.

“That means looking in considerable detail at the requirements we are likely to face for players, officials, staff, reporters, fans – for everyone who would need to be, or hope to be, involved in home and away games.

“We are broadly on track, but there are still many details to address, both for ourselves and in relation to our League One colleagues and the football authorities.

“At this stage we know supporters are eager to have final details of our season ticket offer. We also have new kit orders to fulfil, which have been delayed for some weeks because of a change in sponsorship.

“We hope to be able to make announcements on these issues as soon as possible, and thank people for their patience and continued support. We are moving as quickly as we can, but appreciate that everyone – including ourselves – would wish it could be quicker on some fronts.

“In the meantime, there are a huge number of positives to welcome – new signings, thanks to the hard work of our team manager, Jim Duffy, and staff; stadium adjustments and improvements – thanks to our general manager, Antonia Love, and volunteers; the all new DFC online Lottery, pioneered by Trust director Stephanie Park, plans for streaming games, the Engraved at the Rock bricks scheme, and other key community, commercial and promotional developments – involving Board members and marketing executive, Angela Pounder.

“I would also like to thank all our sponsors (especially C&G Systems and Signs Express), our new groundsman, kit man, chaplain, and players; safety and disability access officer, Jacqui Sibbald; the Sons Shop (run by Denise Currie); our hard-working company secretary, Stephen Lynch; the media team (not least Andy Galloway for his work on the football side); Jordan Brownlee and his fans’ action group, and many others.

“It takes an incredible number of people to keep the show on the road, and an amazing fan base to make this possible by raising money through our appeal – and now getting behind the Lottery, to make it the big success we really need.

“In addition to the website, which we are hoping to upgrade in the near future, and our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), we have also launched a monthly newsletter to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Do sign up for that. And did I mention the Lottery? Well, I will again!

“Thanks to everyone for all they are doing – and keep up the great work,” concluded the chairman.

Simon Barrow

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