Thursday 3rd October 2019

EVERYONE at Dumbarton FC sends greetings and thanks to our Club bard, Stephen Watt, on National Poetry Day!

Our picture shows one of a number of prizes Stephen has won. You can read his poems before and after every home game in our award-winning Sons View matchday programme.

We are very proud to have a professional wordsmith to commit Sons history verse as it happens. He’s living proof that poetry isn’t a remote or obscure art, but part of the people’s story. Just like the Beautiful Game itself.

Many will also remember the amazing film Stephen made in the run-up to our Irn Bru Cup Final appearance last year. His poem ‘Diddy Cups’ was used in a promotional video featuring fans – one that became an online viral sensation reported across the media.

The good news is that he’s in the process of making another film to big up the Sons! We can’t reveal details yet, but we know it will be worth waiting for.

Simon Barrow

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