Friday 5th August 2016

BACK in May 2003, a group of forward-thinking Dumbarton fans had just seen their team consolidate in its first season back in the old Second Division.

Then they created a group, which came to be known as the Sons Supporters Trust.

Since then, the club has been in all three senior divisions outside what is now the Ladbrokes SPFL Premiership. Three at the bottom of the ladder, six in what is now League One, and four – about to become five – in what is now the Championship.

But one thing that has constantly grown is the Trust’s involvement at Dumbarton FC. Another is the membership.

And this year, the Trust is setting itself the target of 500 members. Not all can get to games, not all even live in the UK. Regardless of attendance, though, they can help make a difference for just £10 a year.

The Trust has recently made three core statements about why fans should hand over a sum which works out at less than £1 a month to ensure THEIR football club can continue to operate at its current level. These are quoted below.

1. Our community
We see the community as the fans that fill the stand at Dumbarton Football Stadium. Dumbarton FC is a community club, but it’s not the club that makes this – it’s the fans. The Trust’s primary focus above all other activities is the fans and the position of supporters in the structure of the club.

2. Continuity
As a Trust we provide continuity regardless of who is running the club. So far we have maintained a dialogue with the club throughout our history. In this time we have never wavered from maintaining our position and providing an independent opinion.

3. A common voice
At times of change and turmoil in our game we, the supporters, need a common voice that can be heard. This will always be true. Unity and common purpose is a genuine strength amongst football fans.

As well as having these core values, the Trust is responsible for many aspects of the matchday experience at Dumbarton.

From the publication of the matchday programme to letting the supporters pick a man of the match, it is all done by a team of volunteers from the fans’ group.

And the Trust has been represented on the board since 2004 by two well-respected businessmen who are lifelong fans. Stephen Lynch took the hot seat originally before being replaced by Alan Findlay in 2009.

The Trust feels that major strides continue to be made, and there is always room for plenty more members to join the push to help Dumbarton FC.

So are you not a member? Join today.

You are already a member? Convince a friend or relative to join.

A membership of 500 is manageable by the Trust this year. And the more people on board, the more can be made to happen at DFC.

Join the debate @dumbartonfc and #sons24

Andy Galloway

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