Tuesday 2nd April 2013

THE Scottish Football League have set out the current position on League reconstruction after a meeting between the Board of the SFL and the SPL League Reconstruction Working Party.

The meeting was hosted by the Professional Game Board of the Scottish Football Association.

The statement on the SFL website, issued on 2nd April 2013, reads as follows:

The above organisations met previously in January, 2013 and agreed on some fundamental principles which could take the game forward in a positive manner.

We subsequently met with our clubs, reaffirmed our commitment to the principles, explained the proposals put forward by the SPL and, in near majority, our clubs asked us to go into more detail on both. We did that in the knowledge that the principles were agreed but the proposal on the table required further detailed exploration. No deal was struck at any time – and this was acknowledged today by the SFA. Agreement was reached to move matters forward to the next stage.

It was accepted that the SPL would take the lead on driving the detail with a proposed set of Rules and Articles which could be presented to clubs at a later stage.

When these were finally presented to clubs, there were a number of key areas which required further clarity.

More time was required in order to fully comprehend the detail and the issues that arose. This is normal practice in any merger and follows an appropriate due diligence procedure.

Following today’s meeting, the undernoted principal points of action were identified;

1. The SFL will proceed to a full Special General Meeting, after the SPL SGM on 15th April, 2013 on a date still to be advised.

2. The Scottish F.A. have offered independent resource with a view to completing a due diligence process before our clubs are asked to vote.

In addition, further clarification was provided regarding other specific areas of concern pertaining to the draft Rules and Articles which were highlighted last week at our club meeting.

We will now prepare the required Resolutions for the purposes of the SGM and these will be sent to our clubs within the required Notice period.

Simon Barrow

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