Monday 21st May 2018

SEASON tickets don’t just get you admission to every league game. They’re your ticket to something very special.

Whatever happens at Dumbarton during your time supporting them, there’ll be a story somewhere that you can tell others years down the line.

It could be your mates down the pub, your children, even your grandchildren. Somebody, somewhere, will be fascinated to hear what you saw at the football.

And who knows? They might even be convinced to become a supporter themselves.

We want to use the ‘I was there’ moments of our current supporters to show how great supporting Dumbarton can be – and let others know what memories they could create for themselves.

Today, we hear from supporter Ian Christie, whose special game was away to Stenhousemuir – one of next season’s opponents in League One.

Maybe one of the games against the Warriors next season will be a tale that you could recount if you buy a season ticket for the 2018/19 campaign?

Here’s what Ian wants to share with you.

Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir – Saturday 25th April 1992

“In 1989, for my seventh birthday, I wanted to go to a football match. Many of my schoolmates were Rangers or Celtic fans, but my Dad decided to take me to Boghead to see our local team.

“Despite a 4-0 defeat against Berwick Rangers, it was the right decision, and I was bitten by the bug.

“The first ‘I was there’ moment took a wee while to arrive, but it was worth waiting for. The 25th of April 1992, Ochilview Park, Stenhousemuir.

“A nervy 2-1 win the Saturday before against our nearest challengers for the second division championship, Cowdenbeath, thanks to two cracking John McQuade goals, meant a win would guarantee promotion.

“I was only 10, so the memories are vague, but some things stand out vividly: the sense of excitement in the days before the game, as well as trepidation in case it all went wrong; Paul Martin rising to head the only goal of the game; my Dad and I joining the pitch invasion at the final whistle; the heroic players appearing in the main stand, spraying champagne; us waving to all the other cars with gold and black scarves proudly fluttering out their windows on the way home…

“One of the best things about supporting a ‘wee’ team is that days like that don’t come along every season, but that makes them even sweeter when they do.”

Does Ian’s story, and the others we’ve featured so far, convince you that a season ticket for Dumbarton is the chance to make your own special memories? We hope so.

Buy or renew your season ticket, and you will have your own special moment to recall years, even decades, later.

If you ARE already a season ticket holder and HAVE already renewed, thank you for your continued support. Now there is something else for you to do – bring a pal.

Let your football-loving friends know that there’s a place in their hometown where dreams and memories are made, with more to come. Let them know there is so much to be gained from supporting Dumbarton, and that we’d LOVE to have their support.

If you ARE already a season ticket holder and HAVEN’T renewed yet, we trust that you will renew and we look forward to your return. And as above – bring a pal if you can!

If you AREN’T a season ticket holder, or are one of the pals that we ask our current season ticket holders to bring – please do come along. As a taster, we have our home Betfred Cup ties, which are pay at the gate anyway. Hopefully the bug will bite you there and then, but if not, keep coming – because one day, it will.

Thank you for your support.


Do you have an ‘I was there’ moment that you’d like to share with Sons supporters old and new, hoping to attract them along to future games? Can you come up with around 200 words on that moment?

Please send it to us using the email address below – you must tell us who you are, but if you wish to remain anonymous on the website, no problem, just advise as such.


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