Thursday 17th May 2018

IT’S more than just your admission to a football match.

It’s your ticket to a year’s worth of memories. Some good, some bad. Occasionally they’re special.

Every Dumbarton fan has a stand-out story to tell from their time following the club.

Whether you were there in May 1972 for a promotion still revered by fans of that generation, or have only followed Sons in the Championship to date, every one of us has at least one ‘I was there’ moment.

And we want to use those moments to get more fans to follow the Sons of the Rock.

The story below comes from a supporter recounting an ‘I was there’ moment from the 2008/09 season.

Dumbarton v Cowdenbeath – Saturday 20th September 2008

We’d already lost one injury time goal which cost us points in the early part of this season. Now it looked like we’d done it again.

A precarious 1-0 lead had vanished in the second minute of injury time when Cowdenbeath equalised.

But in the fifth minute of injury time, we were given a free kick which David Gray put into the area.

Ben Gordon rose majestically to head home, and suddenly a victory which had become a draw was a victory again. The stadium erupted like I hadn’t heard it for years and after an inconsistent start, it felt like we were finally on the move.

It turned out to be one of the biggest goals we scored that season. Had we not scored it, season 2008/09 may not have had the outcome that it did.

Since that day, I’ve gone along to games feeling that another moment like that is just around the corner. It gets tough at times – no point in denying it – but it is all worth it for the good ones, like that goal against Cowden.

We’ve done not too badly in the 10 years since that day, and with the supporters’ input, times like these can continue.

Inspired? Well, we hope so.

If you ARE already a season ticket holder and HAVE already renewed, thank you for your continued support. Now there is something else for you to do – bring a pal.

Let your football-loving friends know that there’s a place in their hometown where dreams and memories are made, with more to come. Let them know there is so much to be gained from supporting Dumbarton, and that we’d LOVE to have their support.

If you ARE already a season ticket holder and HAVEN’T renewed yet, we trust that you will renew and we look forward to your return. And as above – bring a pal if you can!

If you AREN’T a season ticket holder, or are one of the pals that we ask our current season ticket holders to bring – please do come along. As a taster, we have our home Betfred Cup ties, which are pay at the gate anyway. Hopefully the bug will bite you there and then, but if not, keep coming – because one day, it will.

Thank you for your support.


Do you have an ‘I was there’ moment that you’d like to share with Sons supporters old and new, hoping to attract them along to future games? Can you come up with around 200 words on that moment?

Please send it to us using the email address below – you must tell us who you are, but if you wish to remain anonymous on the website, no problem, just advise as such.


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