Friday 29th May 2020

SINCE the COVID-19 lockdown began, the Club Board at Dumbarton FC has been keeping the question of Season Tickets under constant review, and is now pleased to be able to announce arrangements for both existing and new Season Ticket holders.

We do so after carefully considering the points that have been made to us directly and on social media.

Some fans have offered to pay for a new Season Ticket in advance. We truly appreciate the loyalty and commitment this represents. We have wonderful supporters!

However, we do not think that it would be right to take money from you for Season Tickets at this stage, for three reasons.

* First, we cannot guarantee when there will be a ‘next season’, though of course we are working hard with others to make a ‘reopening’ possible sooner rather than later.

* Second, we could not readily use monies accrued in this way to support current expenditure. This is because to do so would risk taking on an additional liability, should refunds need to be made in the event of the cancellation of the forthcoming season.

* Third, there are other factors – such as possible ‘league reconstruction’ this year or next – which could affect the costs involved to you and us.

The uncertainties involved in all of this are why we have felt the need to wait a little while before making an announcement.

Tickets for Next Season

What we are therefore proposing to do is to reserve the seats of all existing Season Ticket holders until such time as payments can be processed, unless you tell us that you do not want your seat and ticket held. (If you wish to let your seat go, please email our General Manager, Antonia Love, at

We are also offering to reserve a Season Ticket seat for new customers on the same basis – that is, for those who wish to pledge that they will pay for a Ticket when that becomes possible. (For details, please write to

Indeed, it would be fantastic if you could help us reach a new and improved target of at least 500 Season Ticket sales pledged by the end of June.

This would be enormously helpful to the Club, giving us a positive idea of how to prepare financially for a new campaign.

But please, for both your own financial security and ours, only make the ST pledge if you are able to commit to it!

2019/20 Tickets

Regarding existing Season Ticket holders: we recognise that the 2019/20 season finished with several home games outstanding.

If existing ST holders were willing to waive their right to a cash refund, that would be of enormous financial help to the Club at a difficult time.

However, we acknowledge that we have a moral obligation to offer such a refund, and we most definitely do not want to make anyone suffering hardship to feel at all awkward in asking for one. (Again, please write to the General Manager if you wish to request a refund.)

We know that a lot of fans have already said that they will not be asking for money back for the 2019/20 season, regarding it instead as a contribution to keeping the Club afloat.

We truly appreciate this generosity. We will do everything we can to offer value and to reward our supporters in the future.

Thank you once again for your backing. Let us know if there are any further questions about these arrangements. And please stay safe and well.

Dumbarton Football Club

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