Wednesday 19th May 2021

IN recent weeks, the amount of people attending the grounds of the stadium during fixtures, engaging in dangerous and unsafe behaviours has increased, resulting in Police Scotland officers attending and patrolling the perimeter fence.

These behaviours include the following:

– Climbing up on various items to look over the pointed fence. This has potential for harm or injury due to a fall, impalement on the fence or being hit by a ball.

– Using loudhailers – these can interfere with communication not being heard properly: safety messages; two-way radios; decisions/instruction in field of play and are banned from most football stadiums.

– Using said loudhailers to be abusive of players/officials/decisions and using foul language.

– Using smoke flares – this can result in serious burns/injury to users as well as to others nearby and are illegal in and around football stadiums.

Thursday’s game against Edinburgh City is an extremely important one for your club and will be televised live. A minority of people participating in the above behaviours is in danger of damaging the reputation of Dumbarton FC and the supporters.

Furthermore, it risks Dumbarton FC of being in breach of SPFL Regulations leading to sanctions being imposed on the Club.

It can also potentially lead to a football banning order if Police Scotland decide to take any action against any individual caught indulging in such behaviours.

Consequently, Police Scotland have contacted the club intimating that they shall be in attendance at Thursday’s match.

As such, we encourage everyone to play their part and comply with the above.

Thank you.

Dumbarton Football Club

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