Wednesday 22nd March 2017

DIRECTOR Ian Wilson has been in touch to give another update on Brabco’s stadium relocation efforts.

He said : “We are getting nearer the point where we can submit our plans for a new stadium to West Dunbartonshire Council.

“We still aim to do this at the end of May early June.

 Our plans are almost complete and we are now focused on validating the sustainability of the new facilities.

“The case looks strong and we will now have that validated independently over the next weeks. This is a vital check that will not only have to be agreed by the (DFC) board but also by the planning authorities, as part of their planning process.

“If the sustainability is not clear, concise and convincing in our submission it would result in the plans being rejected by the council.

 We would like to provide a 4000-capacity stadium with extra facilities for the community, but will scale that back if it proves unsustainable.

“Whatever is built at first, it will at least have to match our current capacity and have other features that bring in new revenue and help reduce some current costs.”

Mr Wilson also commented on press queries put to him about Brabco,

He continued : “Last week I was contacted by a local newspaper and I can answer their questions here.

“I was asked – What is your reaction to Ms Baillie’s (MSP) statement in this week’s edition?

“I met Jackie during the public consultation and again at her offices in December last year. My next meeting with Jackie is later this month, where I will give her the latest position on our plans. I welcome her involvement. I will continue to liaise directly with Jackie.

“Another question said – ‘We would also like to take the opportunity to ask who exactly is involved in Brabco?’

“Chris Stainton and Callum Hosie are currently the only two directors of Brabco. I am the largest individual shareholder. Callum, Chris and myself own the lion’s share of the business and exercise control.

“And another question was – ‘Who exactly is involved in Granada Enterprises (Brabco’s holding company)?’

“Chris Stainton and Callum Hosie are directors of Granada Enterprises.

“This company is almost closed leaving Brabco as the majority owner of DFC.

“When Granada and Brabco were set up other private investors were interested to be involved, and wish for their privacy to be maintained, a position we will respect.

“I expect it will to be an exciting end to the season. The team are working very hard and playing very well to get the results we need for us to retain championship status.”

In closing, he said: “I intend to issue more regular updates on the relocation and will use the club website to get the information to you. I will be at the Morton game, please come and see me if you would like to discuss the relocation.”

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