Wednesday 9th June 2021

WITH all the challenges faced, we are all glad to get the 2020/21 season behind us and look forward to the coming season and welcome the new management team.

While there was disappointment in results on the pitch, there were many successes behind the scenes, most of which were made possible by fans and volunteers.

From the auction, to the season ticket response, from the volunteers cleaning the stadium and stewarding to the uptake in the Lotto and many more who helped volunteer at the club.

Our sincere thanks go to each and every one of the supporters who helped out in their various capacities.

One critical success was the addition of the Pixellot live streaming and commentary which allowed fans to watch and listen to the games when they were played behind closed doors.

Many plaudits have rightly been given to the commentary team of Chris McMillan and Fraser Clarke.

However, the Pixellot success would not have been possible without volunteer John Sartain behind the scenes, ensuring everything was set up and resolving all types of queries.

Stephen Lynch, who led the project, said: “It was a great team effort to deliver the system in such a short space of time and having it available for the first game was a tremendous achievement.

“However, without the support of John behind the scenes the project would not have been such a success and the club are extremely grateful for his support.

“From learning the system to setting up graphics and team colours to helping less technical savvy users get access was brilliant with the club getting a lot of positive feedback from both Sons and opposition fans.”

As we move into the new season, John will continue to support the Pixellot stream and we are looking for a volunteer to provide back up for John in this exciting role.

John added: “Although it has been a really strange time in the club’s, and Scottish football’s, history I also feel it has been one of the most exciting times as well.

“Being able to run our own stream for our fans for the very first time will be something I don’t think anyone involved will forget.

“I’ve felt the whole experience has benefited my skillset greatly and when you have fans of other clubs taking the time to email in to compliment our streaming team you can take great pride in the work that you are doing.

“You are helping fans from all over the country keep in touch with their team.”

The role provides a great opportunity to learn about a live streaming system and John will assist with training for roles that will include:

– Setting up and testing of microphones for match commentary

– Help with any queries fans may have (FAQs can be provided as well as a list of solutions)

– Monitor the stream, graphics and commentary throughout the game (doesn’t have to be the whole 90 minutes. Check every 15/20 minutes should do)

– Organise with staff for half-time interview. If we do not have an interview, then turn the microphones off/down for half time break and then restart when teams come out for second half

– At full time, wait for commentary team to wrap up then pack up the kit tidily and store away

If you are interested, please contact Antonia at office@dumbartonfc.co.uk

Dumbarton Football Club

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