Thursday 28th May 2020

DUMBARTON FC is pleased to announce that Robbi Docherty, supported by depute Jack Brough, will be taking on the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) role at the Club.

The appointments were agreed unanimously by the Club Board yesterday afternoon, following an invitation to fans to express interest and consultation with the Sonstrust.

Thanks was expressed to all who have shown interest in the post.

The Supporter Liaison Officer role is to act as a bridge between the Club and its fans, ensuring that their concerns and interests are addressed. It is an independent role.

All Clubs in Scotland are urged to have an SLO, and ones involved in UEFA competitions are required to have one.

The primary responsibility is for match day issues, but supporters should feel free to contact the SLO about any other concerns.

The SLO is also a conduit of direct communication from the Club to fans, as well – so it is a two-way street.

There is a national network of Supporter Liaison Officers who meet from time-to-time to ensure that supporter-related issues are being addressed, and to share good practice.

Robbi Docherty and Jack Brough are well know figures around the Club. Both are members of the new Sonstrust board.

Robbi has also been helping with sponsorships as part of the Trust Action Group, and Jack is acting trust secretary.

You can contact SLO Robbi Docherty, in the first instance, at this email address. Or write, via the Club.

Simon Barrow

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