Tuesday 19th May 2020

DUMBARTON FC chairman, John Steele, has emphasised the need for a collaborative spirit in Scottish football, as it faces the challenge of finding a way through the coronavirus challenge.

Asked by the media about the way the club voted over the recent SPFL motion, he said: “We voted against the resolution seeking an independent enquiry into the conduct of SPFL officials in relation to the recent vote to terminate the 2019/20 season.

“We did so because, after careful consideration of the objections raised, we did not think the reasons put forward were sufficiently important or relevant (or in some cases, sufficiently substantiated) to merit the time, cost and effort of an independent inquiry. The clear majority of clubs agreed that this was the case.

“That does not mean, of course, that there are no questions about governance, procedure and structure with regard to the way the SPFL operates. There clearly are, and these need to be considered carefully once a pathway beyond lockdown and the current challenges facing football in Scotland has been found.

“But in relation to the motion for an immediate enquiry, our concern was that, in addition to being unnecessary on the terms in which it was formulated, it would only have created further distraction, division and diversion at a time when all clubs and actors within the game need to be finding ways of working together positively.

“The present situation is profoundly difficult for all clubs, especially for small ones and for those with liabilities which it is difficult to maintain. We also understand that the impact of needing to end the season early and to make payments on that basis has proved tougher on some than others.

“Every effort needs to be made to ensure fairness moving forward. But there were and are no immediate ideal solutions that suit everybody in all situations, and a spirit of partnership and understanding is surely required by all of us in the difficult circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Simon Barrow

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