Saturday 16th May 2020

WHILE some of you may be trying out the ‘closed doors’ Bundesliga, we know full well that what Sons fans crave most is a return to football at the Rock.

Unfortunately, there’s no certainty about when that will be possible, but as soon as there is news we will be letting you know.

In the meantime, do check out the club’s social media accounts – on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just search for ‘Dumbarton FC’.

There you will find that we are doing our best to keep you entertained, as well as informed.

There’s a new ‘spot the ball’ competition, photos, video footage, info on Sons history, media from the recent Player of the Year awards and more.

A big ‘thank you’ to Angela Pounder (our Marketing and Digital Promotions Exec), Andy Galloway, Max Clarke and others for keeping the show on the road.

Also thanks to Antonia Love (General Manager) and Stephen Lynch (Company Secretary) for an incredible amount of work behind the scenes.

Closed doors?

Meanwhile, in relation to ‘closed doors’ football with live relays, and other options, Dumbarton FC chairman John Steele commented recently: “At present it’s unclear when a new season will be able to get underway, and how we’ll proceed when it does.

“For small clubs like ours, season tickets and gate money remain the largest proportion of our income, so that’s a critical issue.

“It is not immediately clear how playing behind closed doors would deliver for us economically, even if it was possible to do that safely – which remains a question.

“It’s also an issue of scale and reach. But we remain open to positive ideas and suggestions.

“In the meantime, it’s vital that everyone involved in Scottish football stands together and acts creatively at a time like this.”


Meanwhile, if you want to make a donation, or encourage others to do so, to help us get to our £25,000 Crowdfunding by the 25th May, please go to the JustGiving page here… and forward it to others. Every contribution makes a real difference!

Simon Barrow

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