Flags, Banner, Drums and devices used to amplify sounds

This policy document includes what flags and banner are permitted   with guidance on the positioning and display of same.        

Dumbarton FC permits the display of non offensive football related flags and banners (Please Note that Crowd surfing flags/banners are not permitted.) subject to the following provisions:

All flags and banners should be made from fire resistant material. We reserve the right to insist on a * fire safety certificate for flags/banners of any size. Flags/banners when hung must not cover stadium signage/notices nor should they be hung above vomitory entrances. This limit on space will also limit the size of flags/banners anything above 8ft by 4 ft should be referred to the club. * Very large flags/banners are likely to require a fire safety certificate as they pose a significant risk to other supporters Health and Safety.


No spectators’ health or safety will be compromised in arranging the display of such flags/banners (i.e. climbing on seats or climbing on parts of the structure of the stadium e.g. the metalwork at the rear of stands to secure such flags/ banners is not permitted)

A spectator accepts responsibility for said flag/banner (where possible this spectator should be seated near to the banner) The steward stand supervisor will then note a seat number for the spectator responsible for each banner so that this person can be contacted if the flag/banner requires for any reason to be re-positioned or removed during the match.

If a match day steward or club staff member has any issues whatsoever regarding supporters flags or banners they have a standing instruction to contact their supervisor or in his/her absence the head steward or club safety officer.


Rules on Drums at Dumbarton FC Stadium 

  • Any drum intended for use within the stadium must be presented to the club prior to the match for inspection.
  • The drum will thereafter be supervised by a named person who will, on entry to the stadium, identify themselves to the relevant Stand steward supervisor. 
  • The named person will identify their position during the match and inform the supervisor how they can be contacted instantly at any time during the match.
  • The drum must be used to entertain, albeit this may be by encouraging a support to cheer on their team, it is not to be used to antagonise or in any way wind up other supporters.
  • The drum and permission to use it within the stadium may be withdrawn at any time without notice. 
  • The drum and supporters involved with it must not spoil the sight lines of other supporters by their actions nor compromise their own safety by standing, jumping or indulging in any other unacceptable conduct within an all seated section nor in any way degrade the enjoyment of other supporters within the stadium.
  • Should complaints be received regarding the drum or any matters arising from its use during a match or it is decided the use of the drum is liable to affect the safety of supporters a decision will be made by the Club Safety Officer on whether the drum should be withdrawn from use and again if the decision is taken to withdraw it the named person will be informed and the drum withdrawn from use without question. 
  • All requests made must be complied with. Any matters arising can be discussed after the match but if the drum is withdrawn then this will be done in a quiet, safe and controlled manner at an appropriate location well away from viewing areas.

Sound Systems, Loud Hailers, Megaphones, and Loudspeakers 

The Green Guide of safety at sports ground states that:

“The output from loudspeaker systems should not drown out police and stewards’ radios, or the public-address system. “

For that reason, loud hailers, megaphones and other sound systems used to amplify sound, other than those used by the club for safety purposes or the emergency services, are not encouraged# within the stadium. If such items were to drown out club safety sound systems then in an emergency valuable time would be wasted locating and stopping such systems from operation to make emergency messages audible.  

# Anyone wishing to bring in such items must seek prior approval from the Club Safety Officer


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