Wednesday 29th June 2016

DFC players Darren Barr and Ryan Stevenson showed off the club’s new strips for 2016/17 last evening, unveiling a red and black away kit to go with traditional white and black & gold hoops for home.

Commercial director Alan Findlay expressed his own delight at the new away strip and hopes the departure from the norm will be popular amongst Sons fans.

“We’ve decided to take a wee leap of faith with the away strip. I’m a traditionalist, normally, but I like the change.

“In consultation with the guys at TTL who gave us the benefit of their experience working with other clubs, we thought that a complete departure from our traditional gold change kit would be appropriate.

“But, there is still a link to the club’s past with the red and black stripes.

“In the 19th century when Dumbarton Athletic merged with DFC, the kit used at that point was the one we have re-introduced for the next two seasons.

“Feedback from last night from our fans was generally favourable.”

Retail versions will be available next month, hopefully within the first two weeks and will be sold primarily via Total Teamwear.

The club’s new retail site will also include the opportunity for supporters to purchase two styles of DFC branded polo shirts, a T-shirt and a quarter zip jumper.

There will also be a new club scarf plus an exclusively packaged DFC coffee/tea mug.

“The initial retail offering will be to test the water”, explained Alan.

“As we outlined a few weeks ago, we are attempting to plug a hole in our commercial output and it’s as case of baby steps.

“At the moment we haven’t included any jackets in the portfolio but that’s not to say we can’t get them if demand is there.”

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