Saturday 12th June 2021

THERE was more than just football for Sam Ramsbottom to consider when Dumbarton looked to extend his contract.

He might not be moving clubs, but a house move is now on the agenda for the goalkeeper, who has signed a new deal with Sons for the coming season.

Sam has been down south during the close season, but is set to move lock, stock and barrel to Scotland to play for Dumbarton.

After five clean sheets in 17 games last season, and some impressive performances even when he didn’t post a shut-out, manager Stevie Farrell was keen to bring him back.

And despite everything that now comes with it, there was no doubt in Sam’s mind where he saw himself playing during the coming season.

Speaking to www.dumbartonfootballclub.com, Sam said: “I’m really pleased to get it done.

“Logistically it was a bit of a problem with me being down the road and on holiday for a couple of days, but we’ve got it over the line.

“I’m really glad it’s done and dusted and I’m excited to start pre-season training.

“I’ve managed to get a few days’ break with my girlfriend and I prefer a shorter time off. You can be pining for the end of a season, but in England you get six weeks’ break.

“You enjoy it for the first couple of weeks but then you start to miss the excitement of training and games and being around a group.

“So I’m not bothered that we’re already back in action. Obviously we’ve got a really hectic schedule of matches ahead of the new season and we’re looking forward to that.

“There was a lot to consider logistically with moving to Scotland. I’m probably now looking at moving out of my family home and in with my girlfriend.

“When the gaffer told me about 10 days ago he wanted me to re-sign, I knew I wanted to stay as I enjoyed my time last season.”

Although from afar, Sam has been monitoring who he’ll be playing alongside during the coming season.

And as well as the other players who have been retained from last season, there’s one other face he looks forward to linking up with again.

He added: “I’ve been keeping an eye on Twitter about who’s coming in and who has unfortunately left. A couple of guys I was quite close to last season have decided to move on.

“But we’ve brought in some good signings. I know Kalvin Orsi and I’m really looking forward to working with him again.

“We want to be pushing as high up the table as we can. The gaffer has aspirations of us finishing as high as possible.

“Defensively last year we were strong, really solid at the back, so we need to build on that and look to be pushing for a good position.”

Andy Galloway

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