Thursday 27th May 2021

RYAN McGEEVER is not one for sitting about.

Over two years as a Dumbarton player, he’s shown that many a time. All-action performances week in, week out, putting goals away at one end and keeping them out at the other.

But when all was said and done at the end of a season like no other, it was time for sitting down. Talking and thinking.

Fortunately for Sons, he knows where his heart is set.

Having signed a two-year deal tonight, he’ll continue to play his football in G82 until at least 2023.

His goal return, and consistent displays, won him many admirers elsewhere, but after that sit-down and thought, he knew there was only one place for him.

Speaking to www.dumbartonfootballclub.com, Ryan said: “I’m delighted to get it done. There had been interest from other clubs, and with the manager having left, it was all a bit up in the air.

“But when I sat down and spoke to my family, I ended up taking the decision that I wanted to stay, because I really enjoy playing down there.

“I’ve felt at home over the last couple of seasons after a turbulent time and I’m buzzing to get it done. Hopefully the new manager and other players will be in soon.

“It was me that put it to the club that I’d like a two-year deal. I’m at an age now where I want to be settled. I’ve been bouncing about clubs until now – two years here, two years there.

“But I’ve enjoyed my time at Dumbarton and just wanted that extra bit of security.”

When Ryan next takes to the pitch, though, it will be in circumstances he hasn’t yet experienced as a Dumbarton player.

Jim Duffy, the manager who signed him for the club, won’t be in the dugout, having left the club on Monday.

Ryan continued: “The manager leaving was a real blow. I was gutted about it.

“I know we didn’t have the best of seasons, but if we had kept the core group together and added a few, we could have kicked on a bit.

“But these things happen in football and I can’t speak highly enough of Jim. He did so well and he trusted me, even when I wasn’t playing as great.”

Ryan competes during the second leg of the playoff final. Copyright Andy Scott Photos 2021.

Ryan made a major contribution at each end of the pitch in the two-legged tie that ensured Sons will play in League One again next season.

Firstly, in the away leg against Edinburgh City, he headed the equaliser which started turning a frustrating evening into a winning one, by a 3-1 scoreline.

That led the teams back to Dumbarton, where although the safety net was removed by one goal back for City, Ryan and his defensive colleagues ensured that was all they could get.

And there was an extra positive to the evening – roughly 300 of them, sitting in the stand.

He added: “It was a tough, tough two games. Edinburgh City are a good side – people look at those below and while they don’t disrespect them, they sometimes think there’s a big difference in standard.

“But City showed that there isn’t much difference between the top end of League Two and the bottom end of League One.

“The second half through in Edinburgh settled the tie in the end. Holding on to a two-goal lead for 30 minutes is hard, never mind 90.

“It was just pure relief to get it done. A lot could be said about how the team was set up, but the players on the players felt responsibility and to get over the line was a real relief.

“Having fans back in the stadium was such a big boost for us as well. We were just glad that everybody in the stadium was getting behind us from when we went out to warm up.

“It just gives us that extra 10/20 per cent, and it was brilliant to hear them back.”

Andy Galloway

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