Monday 12th October 2020

JAIME WILSON’S life changed in the space of two to three weeks – all off the back of a phone message.

Then it changed again, because of Covid-19.

He now hopes he’s taken another step towards a positive change, for him and for Dumbarton.

Back in early 2019, he was happily banging in goals for Rothes in the Highland League when the opportunity came along to play in Australia.

Not a chance that many youngsters would turn down. He had one successful season playing in the National Premier League’s Victoria 2 division with Northcote City and was set for a second.

And then the world descended into chaos due to the virus. Jaime had to get home to Scotland, where as well as Rothes, he’d previously played for Inverness CT.

His new club is somewhat further south, but it’s one that he’s happy with. After two goals as a trialist in the pre-season friendly with Clydebank, he became a player Jim Duffy was keen to bring to Sons.

Now, with international clearance complete, he’s hopeful of replicating that performance on a competitive pitch, starting at Forfar on Saturday.

Jaime – whose name, although spelled differently, is pronounced the same as Jamie – told www.dumbartonfootballclub.com: “I’m delighted to finally get signed up. We’d been waiting for clearance to come through and it’s been a while, so we’re happy it’s all done.

“It was good to get a couple of goals in pre-season. I did well there and hopefully I can now push on and score goals in the league and cup competitions.

“I’ve been watching the last two games, which has been a bit frustrating for me, but the boys have done really well.

“Against Dunfermline I thought we played really well. We just kept going and were unlucky not to get some reward for how we played.

“Even on Saturday against Clyde, although the first half was disappointing, in the second we bounced back and did well then.”

Turning attention to his memorable time in Australia, Jaime continued: “It came about through one of my friends who I’d played alongside in Scotland. He was out there and I woke up to a message asking if I fancied coming over there.

“He knew a team who needed a forward and within about two or three weeks, I was in Australia! I really enjoyed it – it’s a different lifestyle.

“I’d just turned 21, so was relatively young, but it didn’t faze me too much to be heading out there. You just have to get on with it.

“A lot of people ask me how I would compare Australian football to Scottish football, but it’s a lot different.

“They train on tactics and shape a lot more, whereas in Scotland a lot of teams try to play out from the back.

“The season was suspended the week before Northcote’s season was due to start. I had signed up for that season and it was never played.

“I would have stayed there for that season but I always intended to come home to Scotland soon and see what opportunities there were for me there.

“In the end, I’m delighted with how it’s worked out.”

Competitive life as a Sons player is set to start for Jaime on Saturday when the League One campaign starts away to Forfar Athletic.

It’s a fixture he’s looking forward to, although one part of it will be missing. He’s looking forward to that coming back into the game as well.

He added: “Hopefully we can get off to a good start. If we show what we did against Dunfermline, and in the second half against Clyde, hopefully the result can take care of itself.

“In the last two games it’s just felt so strange without the fans in the stadium. The sooner they get back, the better, if it’s safe enough.”

Andy Galloway

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