Monday 5th April 2021

WHENEVER Sam Wardrop decided to go into the fitness business, he just never knew when it would come in handy.

Like, for example, if he was asked to play 360 minutes of competitive football as a full back in the space of a week.

Ninety of those dealing with a Premiership club, and pushing them all the way.

Sam, along with Morgyn Neill, played every minute of Dumbarton’s four games last week. By close of play on Saturday that could have stretched to 630 minutes in a fortnight.

Full backs are estimated to cover approximately 10,000 metres in a match if they play the full 90 minutes – meaning Sam has run almost a marathon in the last week.

But it’s something that comes naturally to the fitness fanatic, who is building up his own fitness empire through social media away from football.

Now wants to help Sons win their own marathon in League One during what is left of the season.

Speaking to www.dumbartonfootballclub.com after the Aberdeen game on Saturday, Sam said: “It was brilliant, but tiring. That’s just the way it’s worked out. Morgyn and I have played four games this week, but it’s our job to play games.

“It’s helped me that I work on my fitness away from football. I do look after myself away from the game and it’s my job to stay in shape.

“We are a very good team, and very hard to beat. We don’t concede many and we’ve been unlucky in the last few games, so you never know when it can turn.

“We just need one chance. We know that as a team, we are difficult to break down, and it only takes one opportunity, and hopefully that can be in our next game.

“It will be nice to have two days’ rest instead of one ahead of facing Montrose. We only had 39 hours between the Airdrie game finishing and the Aberdeen game starting, so we’ve got a bit longer and should be fresher.

“We’ll also take some confidence from how close we ran Aberdeen as well.”

Tuesday’s game against Montrose is a vital one for Dumbarton, with points needing put on the board.

With the defensive side operating well, the focus is now on the attacking side, but Sam insists that scoring goals is a job for the entire team.

He added: “The back four has stayed pretty much the same and we’ve a good understanding with each other.

“We’ve not been miles away in any game, but after today, having created a few chances, we should look to boost things in attack. Not just the strikers, but the whole team, to create opportunities.

“Saturday was a special game and we know the supporters would have been watching us, as they have been all season, and are dying to get back into the stadium.

“At least they didn’t have to pay to see a defeat on Saturday. We’re looking forward to the day when they can return.”

Andy Galloway

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