Saturday 3rd April 2021

SAM RAMSBOTTOM will never forget his 25th birthday — even it he puts away too much whisky to celebrate.

He just wishes he’d marked it with a victory.

The Dumbarton goalkeeper was daring to dream of knocking Aberdeen out of the Scottish Cup until Callum Hendry won the third round tie for the Dons with seven minutes left.

Despite conceding the game’s only goal, the boyhood Liverpool fan — who was born on the day the Reds beat Newcastle 4-3 in an all-time classic at Anfield — walked away with the fans’ man of the match award.

And he may crack it open in celebration tonight, although it is maybe not quite as much celebration as he would like.

Speaking to www.dumbartonfootballclub.com, Sam said: “It’s not every day you get the chance to create a shock result on your birthday.

“We couldn’t do that today, but it’s been an alright day, and it’s nice to get the supporters’ man of the match award.

“Hopefully we can carry the positive aspects of our performance today in the league and put results on the board.

“Rabin Omar had a chance early in the second half for us today and the keeper made a great save. You just start to wonder whether there might be a sniff for us.

“But with three games this week and next, you are also thinking that it wears on a lot, especially with us being part-time.

“We tried to hang on in there but they got the better of us in the end.”

Sam added: “We’ve now got a nice couple of days’ rest and I’ll get my feet up, but we’ll be ready to face Montrose on Tuesday.

“As long as we take what we did today in the league, we’ll be difficult to beat, and hopefully we can build it up to something at the other end as well.

“I might have one or two drinks tonight – and I might even try some of my whisky!”

Andy Galloway

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