Sunday 8th July 2012

THE directors of Dumbarton FC met this morning to reflect carefully on what Sons fans have been saying about Newco Rangers after 93 season ticket holders, Sonstrust members and shareholders attended a meeting about the issue at the Stadium yesterday.

The Stadium meeting on 7th July featured an impassioned but level-headed debate and a detailed presentation of the ramifications of the two main options facing SFL owners next week.

After hearing arguments on both sides, a clear majority of those voting (55 to 28) reluctantly felt that admitting the Newco into the First Division would be the better option for Scottish football and smaller clubs as a whole – though no-one was happy with the situation other clubs have been put in.

There was shared anger at the situation that has been created by the Rangers debacle and a commitment to future reform to put the game in Scotland on a more equitable and sustainable footing in future.

Despite differences in the public debate, the DFC Board believes there is a determination to hold together for the good of the game and for the benefit of small clubs like Dumbarton.

The SFL is holding a Special General Meeting on 13th July 2012 to decide the Newco issue. There are also ongoing discussions between the governing authorities, and Dumbarton’s directors aim to stay closely in touch with developments that may yet effect the final outcome.

Chairman Alan Jardine addresses stakeholders at the meeting.

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