Friday 9th March 2018

“PIE-sweat and cigar smoke from Boghead” are the opening lines to Dumbarton FC’s poet in residence Stephen Watt’s epic composition, celebrating the club’s achievement of reaching the Irn Bru Cup Final.

Stephen performs his haunting and reflective piece in a video produced by Sons fan John Sartain, which is now available to view on our Facebook social media platform.

John takes up the story of how the film was conceived and put together.

He said: “We wanted to have a lasting memory of the club’s effort at reaching the Irn Bru Cup Final.

“Stephen and I had a chat and we collaborated on the project with friends and colleagues who helped put the video together.

“It’s been great fun to do and Stephen’s poem is just perfect for the mood we wanted to create.”

And Stephen himself said: “I wrote the poem a few months ago and it’s been great to be able to perform and see the results on film.

“Hopefully it resonates with Sons fans far and wide and helps shift a few more tickets for the final on the 24th.”

Have a hankie ready though when watching the video, as a Sons fan, you’ll need it ….

Alan Findlay

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