Friday 3rd July 2020

DUMBARTON FC’s Chairman has welcomed the decision by League One clubs to approve a 27-game programme for the 2020/21 season, starting on 17th October – but he has also warned that “there is a lot more work to be done”.

John Steele commented: “This decision is a positive step forward. We all want football in Scotland to get going again as soon as possible, but under the safest possible conditions.

“This means that in order to meet the 17th October target there is a lot more work still to be done by all our Clubs – and by the country as a whole, as we all try to keep this deadly virus suppressed.

“Here at Dumbarton we are working hard behind the scenes to get ready. We have a Restart Group tackling the practical issues, headed up by vice chairman Colin Hosie.

“We have also renewed furlough arrangements with our players for another month, and we are talking to manager Jim Duffy during his recuperation period about the way forward.

“Everyone is keen to press ahead, but the kind of precautions we are likely to need to be playing again in October are stringent and demanding, and rightly so.

“Obviously we also need to be playing in front of a live crowd too, most likely with continued social distancing.

“While the resolution has been made for an October re-start for League One, everyone needs to understand that this vote is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

“In the meantime, as ever, I’d like to thank our General Manager, our board, our manager and players, all our volunteers and assistants, and our tremendous fans for keeping the Sons flag flying under lockdown.

“We wouldn’t be here without your continued support, help and donations.

“The aim now is to be able to kick-off again in October and give everyone that boost on the pitch which we are all longing for.”

Meanwhile, as new requirements for the use of face coverings come in across Scotland next week, with the mandatory wearing of protections being extended from public transport to shops, Dumbarton FC is selling its own DFC logo coverings.

“The idea is to keep ourselves and others safe, to support the Club, and also to raise a little money for a children’s hospice,” the Chairman explained.

“This has gone very well so far. Indeed, we sold out of the first order of the new face coverings within 24 hours, so we’ve had to put in another order straight away!”

Simon Barrow

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