Friday 10th May 2013

AS football secretary David Prophet sits in his office at the Bet Butler Stadium, he looks at his computer, knowing that in the next couple of weeks it will be put to good use as players come and go from Dumbarton FC.

Proph – as he is better known – is our administrator in what can be a complicated process commonly known as ‘contract talks’!

At DFC it is rare, but not uknown, for players to be on a contract longer than the duration of a campaign which means that every season at this point in the calendar a lot of effort is required behind the scenes.

David explains : “We sign players normally to the end of the play-off dates but make provisions if that part is not required.

“It is always one of the busiest times at a football club and is actually quite an emotional time as over the course of a season relationships are formed and when someone you have gotten to know quite well leaves it can be difficult.

“When the boss decides on what is happening in terms of squad movement we go through quite a rigorous admin procees to make sure all angles are covered and that both ourselves and the players are happy.

“It all adds to a new dimension to all the other stuff that goes on for the rest of the year

“But, as we keep hearing, that’s football for you.

“It’s a game we all love and are passionate about and at our club we are lucky to have so many people dedicated to it.”

Dedication is certainly what Dumbarton FC gets from Proph.

And long may it continue.

Alan Findlay

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