Anti-social behaviour Policy


This plan supports the other safety policies of DumbartonFootball Club.
This plan demonstrates that Dumbarton Football Club is committed to ensuring that all those attending the C & G Systems Stadium are able to experience enjoyable and safe events, free from the risks associated with crowd disorder and Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) # DumbartonFootball Club will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we manage, prevent and reduce such occurrences and when incidents do occur we will respond quickly, fairly and effectively to minimise the risk of harm or injury to spectators, staff, players, participants, officials and spectators. Those who are involved in crowd disorder or ASB can expect to be held to account by the ground management and/or the police.
Definition – Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

Antisocial behaviours are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others. Many people also label behaviour which is deemed contrary to normal social conduct to be antisocial behaviour.

The implementation and delivery of this plan, which is owned at Board Level, is the responsibility of the Safety Officer – supported by the police, if in attendance. The Club and the Police both maintain a statement of intent for each event held at the C & G Systems Stadiumand they set out the specific circumstances and protocols should the police need to take over responsibility for the resolution of serious incidents of crowd disorder at the stadium.
The terms and conditions of the SPFL (Displayed throughout the stadium as the Ground Rules) play an important part in ensuring spectator safety and enjoyment. They provide clear indication of what behaviour is or is not acceptable (They are attached to this report as an appendix).
Behaviour at Events/Match Day & Tactics


Warnings which will always be given in writing will be recorded at supervisory level by steward supervisors in their supervisory match reports-Head Stewards Report- Match Safety Report (Safety Officer) All will be recorded for 12 calendar months on the clubs computer system by the club general manager.

All warnings which are dealt with only as a warning will invariably be in response to Anti Social Behaviour. Only 3 recorded warnings are permissible therefore on the third warning the procedure (very much similar to the procedure outlined in the supporter’s code of conduct – Attached) will be invoked as follows:

Exclusion from the Stadium

Supporters who are the subject of three recorded warnings regarding Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) at Dumbarton Football Club will immediately be excluded from entering the stadium for any matches of any sort for 4 weeks or * 2 home matches (* should the 4 weeks run into the close season).

Recording Action Taken

The Safety Officer records all incidents and actions taken at homematches. The Club General Manager maintains a conduct list recording all actions taken against supporters for offences either home or away. The club also has an information sharing agreement with Police Scotland which provides such information. It should however be noted that at club security only matches stewards have no power in law to require offenders to divulge any details.

Reporting Structure

Board of Directors
Safety Officer
Head Steward
Stand Supervisor
Safety Stewards/SIA Stewards
Age of Offenders/duty Of Care

Persons who indulge in Unacceptable Conduct, Crowd Disorder or Anti Social Behaviour whilst under 18 years of age. Duty of Care.

Criminal responsibility and the courts

In Scotland the age of criminal responsibility is 8 years old and the age at which a child can be prosecuted is 12 years.

If a child under 12 is behaving in such a way that they may be at risk or vulnerable, for example, assaulting others or stealing, they may be referred to a social worker and ultimately a children’s hearing which can make a decision about how to help them and the family. A decision by a children’s hearing can become part of a criminal record.

If you are aged between 12 and 16 and you commit a criminal offence you are most likely to be referred to the Children’s Reporter who will decide whether or not there are grounds for concern. A child of 12 or over can be prosecuted for a criminal offence and be dealt with in court if the offence is serious.

If you are aged between 16 and 18 and you commit a criminal offence you will be dealt with by the children’s hearing system or the courts. If you are going to court there is useful information on the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service website at

Duty of Care

Dumbarton FC have a duty of care to children and young persons under the age of 16 years therefore such persons will not be subject to automatic ejection. If appropriate having committed an offence the child responsible may be moved to another part of the stadium and supervised throughout the rest of the match/event. This duty of care extends to victims, witnesses, at risk adults and the disabled who will receive appropriate care from staff.

Match Day Chain of Command Safety Officer

Head Steward

Stand Supervisor
Safety Stewards/SIA Stewards

Policing Matters

At policed matches the Police Liaison Officer will be present within stadium control for the duration of the event
A Ground Commander, reporting to the liaison officer, will also be present to coordinate and control police resources within the stadium
At non policed matches contact with the club will be maintained by the police prior to the event who will confirm the absence of any additional risks identified by police intelligence.
At non police matches a nominated on duty police supervisor will liaise with the Safety Officer in order to ensure an appropriate police response to any incidents at the stadium
At non policed matched the Safety Officer will have responsibility for reporting any incidents which require police attention

Ground resources, options, roles and responsibilities

Intelligence – Gathered from other football clubs (previous behaviour of support away from home) or the police
Access Control System – Limits entry to ticket holders
Searching – Random searches carried out by trained search stewards (SIA) with more targeted activity if a specific threat is identified
Steward Deployment – Internally and Externally (See Stadium Stewarding plan – Copies available on request)
CCTV – monitors entry and exit of vehicles at barrier
Alarms – Fire alarm monitored throughout


Dumbarton Football Club recognises that football is a passionate game and supporters will have their own way of expressing their support and reactions. This is acceptable and welcomed as it often adds positively to the match experience. However, behaviour which jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of others or is likely to bring disrepute to this Club is not acceptable.

This includes:

Anti-social behaviour
Personal Abuse on social media
Sectarian, racial, discriminatory or obscene chanting
Throwing any article within the stadium or its environs
Encroaching onto the field of play
Disability hate crime
The offence of any person having in their possession any firework/flare/smoke bomb etc whilst attempting to enter or whilst in any part of a designated football ground which is in the sight of the pitch

Disability Hate Crime

A crime becomes a Disability Hate Crime when it is ‘perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by malice or ill will based on a person’s disability or perceived disability’. (A copy of the clubs Disability hate crime policy is available on the club web site under club policies)

Personal Abuse on Social Media

Derogatory, abusive, and wholly unacceptable social media posts aimed towards club staff is unacceptable conduct and any breaches to the guidelines within this document will be policed and the penalties will be the same on social media as it would be if the offence was carried out in person within the stadium. It should be noted that social media platforms have their own terms and conditions which when breached by such conduct which may well lead to exclusion from use of such services.

Whilst we understand that everybody is entitled to an opinion, and actively encourage lively and passionate debate, we must make it clear that some of the personal attacks we have witnessed are deplorable. Such behaviour has no place at our club, in football or within wider society.

Anyone found guilty of using language of a racist, xenophobic or discriminatory nature is indulging in unacceptable conduct and as such will face further action from the club. This also relates to discriminatory content posted online.

Dumbarton FC will support its Staff, Stewards and Police Scotland in taking appropriate action against any individual whose *conduct is unacceptable.

As a club Dumbarton FC promotes a family friendly atmosphere within the C&G Systems Stadium and this should spread to social media where decent and honest online discussion of all things Dumbarton is positively encouraged.

(* Notices defining unacceptable conduct are on display throughout the stadium and can also be found on the club web site)

Exclusion from the Stadium

Supporters who are the subject of an ejection (Mainly by Stewards) or arrest (By police) will immediately be excluded from entering theC&G Systems Stadium for any matches whatsoever held at saidstadium for 4 weeks or * 2 home matches (* should the 4 weeks  runinto the close season). In the case of arrest should the police action lead to court proceedings this exclusion will be extended until the outcome of such court proceedings are known by the club.* This exclusion also covers supporters who indulge in unacceptable conduct and who are neither ejected nor arrested at the time but whose identity is later discovered by the club.

* The club will undertake to review the ongoing cases of supporters banned until the conclusion of court proceedings after every 4 weeks/ 2 home matches. The results of such reviews will be recorded by the club and should they result in the ban being lifted the supporter concerned will be informed.

Away Matches

Dumbarton Football Club are always made aware of instances ofunacceptable conduct involving our supporters which occur whilstthe team are playing away from home and should the circumstances merit, the club reserve the right to implement the terms of this code against individuals who indulge in such behaviour and bring the good name of this club into disrepute.

Right of Appeal

Any individual who breaks this code and becomes the subject of arrest or ejection leading to exclusion from the stadium may appeal in writing to the undersigned if they feel that an injustice has occurred. A club review of the circumstances will be undertaken and the applicant informed of the results of the review in writing.

Dumbarton Football Club enjoys an excellent reputation for good behaviour both on and off the field of play. This code of conduct has been produced so that supporters are fully aware of the action that this club will take to ensure their safety and enjoyment. The club trusts that the sanctions mentioned above are seldom imposed.

Appendix A Ground Rules


1. All matches are played in accordance with the RULES AND REGULATIONS of The Scottish Football Association, The Scottish Professional Football League and, where applicable, the Regulations of FIFA/UEFA Competitions

(“Football Bodies” and “Football Rules”). Capitalised words and phrases in these ground regulations (“Ground Regulations”), except where herein defined, have the meanings given to them in the Rules and Regulations of The Scottish Professional Football League; a copy of which is available at:

2. PLAY OR AN EVENT cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the relevant Home Club (“Club/Event Organiser”) at the match concerned (“the Match”) or event in the stadium to which these Regulations apply (“the Ground”) reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without prior notice and without liability.
3. All TICKETS for Matches (“Tickets”) sold/issued (“Allotted”) by or on behalf of the Club/Event Organiser are issued on the express conditions that no Ticket holder shall sell or transfer same for a higher price than appears on the face of the Ticket. In the event of any breach of this regulation, the Club/Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel each Ticket concernedand to retain any money paid on Allotment. All persons entering the Ground must pay for admission or otherwise hold a genuine TICKET or other permission from the Club/Event Organiser which was validly issued.
4. In the event of a MATCH BEING ABANDONED after having kicked-off, you may be entitled to a refund of the admission charge paid in the determination of the Club/Event Organiser acting reasonably. Where a Match is abandoned before the expiry of the first half, admission arrangements for the re-arranged fixture will be issued to those who attend the abandoned Match. The arrangements in cases where the Match is abandoned after the expiry of the first half shall be a matter for the discretion of the Club/Event Organiser.
5. In the event of a MATCH BEING POSTPONED, for any reason, before having kicked off, any Ticket purchased for the Match will be valid on the postponed date.
6. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to ENTER UPON THE FIELD OF PLAY, trackside or any place which is not a spectator area. Such incursions will be treated with utmost seriousness and will be liable to arrest and criminal proceedings as well as to disciplinary sanctions by the Club/Event Organiser which may lead to long term exclusion from the Ground.
7. Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Club/Event Organiserare permitted to offer Newspapers, Periodicals or any other ARTICLES FOR SALE in the Ground and any charitable collection will only be permitted within the ground with the prior written consent of the Club/Event Organiser.
8. Unnecessary NOISE such as from the use of radio sets and behaviour likely,
9. In the opinion of the Club/Event Organiser to cause confusion, annoyance, fear, upset or nuisance of any kind is not permitted in any part of the Ground.
10. The use of disorderly, violent and/or threatening behaviour and/or the use of foul and/or abusive language, racial, sectarian, homophobic or discriminatory abuse,singing and/or chanting of any kind and damage to property is all strictly forbidden, is UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT and each and all of same and if constituting a criminal act and/or acts may result in arrest and/or prosecution and/or in conduct which does not constitute a criminal act and/or in the case of a criminal act, a ‘ban’ from the Ground, regulated football

Matches, the confiscation of any Ticket purchased or held and/or any other sanction as may be determined by the Club/Event Organiser and/or in the case of a failure to comply with and/or a breach of Football Rules by the relevant Football Body..

11. The following articles MUST NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE GROUND prohibited weapons, knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. It is an offence punishable by law and Unacceptable Conduct for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground whilst in possession of any article which is a firework or any article or substance whose purpose or any part of its purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke and/or gas and any person in possession of such articles will be refused entry to the Ground and if having entered, to expulsion from the ground and such other sanction as may be determined by the Club/Event Organiser and reported to the Police.
12. It is a criminal offence and UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground: 1 whilst in possession of a container or any other item which is or was capable of holding liquid or any other thing and which, if thrown, would be capable of causing injury to another person; 2 whilst in possession of alcohol; and/or 3 whilst drunk.
13. Any person entering the ground may, at the sole discretion of the Club/Event Organiser be SEARCHED and is deemed to have consented to be so searched, for any item or Material the possession or use of which may result in and/or cause or contribute to Unacceptable Conduct.
14. STANDING IS FORBIDDEN in seated spectator viewing areas.
15. BANNERS and/or other articles which could, or might be used as a weapon, or cause annoyance or unnecessary obstruction or offence and/or which may cause or contribute to Unacceptable Conduct are not permitted within the ground.
16. Under no circumstances is it permitted to THROW or otherwise cause any objects or Materials to enter on to the pitch, pitch surroundings, track(s) and/or Technical Area.
17. At all times, the RIGHT OF ADMISSION is reserved to and by the Club/Event Organiser and no transfers within the Ground are permitted. Spectators found in an area for which they do not have a valid Ticket may beejected.
18. MOBILE TELEPHONES, SMARTPHONES and other similar mobile telephonic devices (“Mobile Devices”), excluding cameras which are not part of and subsidiary to a Mobile Device, are permitted within the Ground, PROVIDED THAT, (I) they are used for personal and private use only, which, and by way of example only, shall not include the capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing, or any other communication of any material (“Capturing), for any commercial purpose; and (ii) no material that is Captured by a Mobile Device or other device may be published, communicated, transmitted, sent, broadcast and/or otherwise made available by any means to any third party including, without limitation, social networking sites or any other means of communication and/or transmission.
19. Save as provided in paragraph 18 above, NO PERSON (other than a person who holds an appropriate licence) MAY RECORD, TRANSMIT, PLAY, ISSUE. CAPTURE, LOG, BROADCAST, SHOW OR OTHERWISE COMMUNICATE ANY MATERIAL including and/or comprising any audio, visual or audio-visual Material or any information or data, by digital or other

means, in relation to a Match taking place in the Ground, any players or other persons present in the Ground and/or the Ground, nor may they bring into the Ground or use within the Ground (or provide to, facilitate or otherwise assist another person to use within the Ground) any equipment or technology which is capable of capturing, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing or otherwise communicating (by digital or other means) any such Material as described above. Any person failing to comply with these restrictions is deemed to be liable to have such equipment, technology and Material in whatever form, confiscated without compensation by the Club/Event Organiser. Copyright, Database Rights and any other intellectual property rights in any such unauthorised recording or transmission is assigned (by way of present assignation or assignations of future rights) to the relevant Football Authority organising the Match in its relevant Competition. You further agree (if and whenever required to do so by said relevant Football Authority to promptly execute all instruments and do all things necessary to vest the right, title and interest in such rights to said relevant Football Authority absolutely and, where legally permissible, with full title guarantee.

20. All PERSONS ENTERING GROUND are admitted only subject to these GroundRegulations and to the Football Rules and Regulations of The Scottish Football Association and The Scottish Professional Football League
21. The Club/Event Organiser reserves the right: (I) for its employees, agents, security staff and contractors to REMOVE FROM THE GROUND; and (ii) to IMPOSE SANCTIONS as regards future entry to the Ground on, any person who does not comply with these Regulations and/or the Rules of The Scottish Football Association, The Scottish Professional Football League and/or, where applicable, the Regulations of the FIFA/UEFA Competitions or whose presence in the Ground is or could reasonably be considered as constituting a source of danger, nuisance and/or annoyance to other persons within the Ground.

22. SMOKING [INCLUDING ALL PIPES, E CIGARETTES and VAPES ISSTRICTLY FORBIDDEN inside the Ground in all seated areas of the stadium. Smoking of E cigarettes is only permitted in areas where it is expressly identified in open concourse areas.

23. On no account will admission to the Ground be granted to a person who is subject of a current FOOTBALL BANNING ORDER.
24. CCTV cameras may be in use in and around the Ground and recordings of images, both moving and still, from such CCTV cameras and any other cameras in or on the Ground may be used in any proceedings and/or for any purposes relating to the management and/or control of the Ground by the Club/Event Organiser, the Police, the Visiting Club and the relevant Football Authority. By entering the Ground you are deemed to have consented to the use of such images from such CCTV systems and cameras and for such images to be shared with and/or used by the Club/Event Organiser, the relevant Football Body and by and with the owners and operators of any Club participating in any Match at which such images are captured and/or recorded.


You should be aware that in terms of a protocol with Police Scotland the details, images and/or result of any arrest, detention and/or prosecution occurring in connection with a Match may be shared with the Club/Event Organiser. FOOTBALL BANNING ORDERs may be imposed on individuals who breach and/or fail to comply with these Ground Regulations.


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