Wednesday 17th February 2021

IN a new series on the club website, the Sons players take on a series of A-Z questions to let our fans see the person as well as the footballer.

We kick off with defender Ryan McGeever, who is in his second season with Sons and was about to return from injury when bad weather, and then the suspension of football, struck.

Hopefully he’ll be able to play again soon. Thanks to Ryan for answering our questions – and don’t worry; we’ll never ask you to become a referee!



Ambitions – Do you have any remaining ones in football?

Play at the highest level I possibly can, we have good players at Dumbarton and I don’t see why we can’t be in the mix for playoffs.

Booze – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on a football team night out?

I’m usually away with it on these nights out but the old chewing gum in the ear trick is a belter.

Celebrations – What’s the best goal you’ve scored?

I’m not a scorer of good goals but they all count. I scored a couple of decent headers against East Fife last year so probably one of them.

Dumbarton – How are you enjoying life with the club and how challenging are the current circumstances?

I’m really happy at Dumbarton, the gaffer’s been great for me personally and it’s a great group of boys. In terms of the current circumstances it’s frustrating but you just need to keep working hard individually and hopefully a return date is sooner rather than later.

Euro 2021 – Who do you think will win it and why?

Portugal – because they’re going to call up Rico Quitongo.

Falkirk – You actually made your senior debut at Dumbarton in a 2-0 win for the Bairns in October 2012. What are your memories of that day and your feelings at making your debut?

I just remember being really nervous and I was up against Jim Lister who was an experienced pro and was a real handful. I did alright, was just happy with a win and clean sheet.

Gogglebox – What are your favourite TV shows/movies?

Not a big lover of box sets but I did watch every series of Entourage which is funny. Game of Thrones as well was amazing but as I said it’s not really my thing.

Hero – Who’s your all-time favourite player and why?

Henrik Larsson – the guy was unreal and it’s amazing to think he stayed at Celtic for so long.

Injuries – What’s the worst you’ve sustained during your time playing football?

I completely ruptured the ligaments on the outside of my ankle in 2017 while at Brechin which kept me out for 10 months. I returned and then tore my adductor and that was four months. 14 months all in and it wasn’t until halfway through last season I started feeling back to my normal self again. It was difficult to get going after such a long lay-off.

Jack of all trades – Do you have any other sporting pursuits outside football?

I did a good bit of cycling over the first lockdown and will hack away at golf but i’m terrible at it.

Knowledge – Who’s the most intelligent player you’ve played alongside?

Big Robert Jones seems intelligent but I don’t know if it’s just because he has a posh accent.

Laugh Out Loud – Ever heard any funny shouts/chants from the sidelines?

Montrose away last year and this old guy was trying to give Carsy a bit. Carsy told the guy to put his teeth back in and he was gutted. Fans don’t usually get it back so that’s one for the boys.

Mates – Who are your best ones in football?

I travelled into training every day at Falkirk with Rory Loy. The two of us still speak regularly and meet up for a few beers. I came in the door at Dumbarton and he left straight away so he must not think the same.

Nou Camp – What’s the best stadium you’ve played in?

I played for the Scottish schools u18s and we played England at St James’ Park.

Outrageous – Which player you’ve played alongside has the worst dress sense?

All footballers dress the same, big Scoop (Morgyn Neill) likes a flat cap which isn’t for me so I’ll go with that, sorry big guy.

PE teacher – You’re training to become one. How are your studies going and what got you interested in that career path?

Plan A was footballer and plan B was PE teacher. My mum’s in education so she was an influence in that respect. The day I was released from Falkirk was a wake-up call for me and I made a conscious decision to go back to college and get my Highers and then go on the path to secure a career for myself as a PE teacher.

Queen – Who are your favourite bands/musical artists?

Love all kinds of music but the Stone Roses are probably my favourite. Waiting for an Oasis reunion as well.

Referee – Would you ever consider becoming one?

This question made me sick in my mouth. No.

Supporters – Has playing behind closed doors made you wish they could be in the stadium? What would be your message to them?

It’s been noticeable in games when the fans aren’t there when you need a bit of backing, especially the young lads in the corner. Hopefully we’re near the end so hopefully see supporters back at the stadium soon.

Time machine – If you could go back and re-live any football match, as spectator or player, which one would it be?

Liverpool v AC Milan Champions League final 2007.

Ugly – What’s the angriest scene you’ve witnessed in a dressing room after a game?

What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room!

VAR – What are your thoughts on it?

Ruins football for me, mistakes happen and the waiting about to celebrate goals is crap. Also they’re still getting decisions wrong so what’s even the point?

Wish you were here – What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

I went interrailing with my mate two summers ago now and Dubrovnik in Croatia was amazing. I’d love to go to the Maldives but maybe in a few years when I’m not a skint student.

X Factor – What would be your karaoke song if you had to do it?

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight. If you know you know.

You’re having a laugh – Ever played, or fallen victim to, any practical jokes in football?

When I was 18 I wasn’t allowed on the Christmas doo in Newcastle because there was a Youth Cup game. I ended up missing a penalty and my mate Kieran Duffie phoned me asking how the game went – as soon as I said I missed the pen I just heard ‘WAAAYHAAAY!’ and he had me on loud speaker to all the lads. Just hung up the phone, was fuming haha.

Zzzz – Which player you’ve played alongside has the worst patter?

If you haven’t seen it, go on Sam Wardrop’s TikTok.

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