Wednesday 10th March 2021

BIRTHDAY boy Morgyn Neill is the subject of our latest A-Z, facing some fun questions on life in and out of the game.

Morgyn is 25 today and everybody at DFC wishes him a great day! Those will include many of our supporters as he’s become a firm favourite with them since joining us in 2019.

Morgyn is closing in on his 50th game for Dumbarton and has four goals to his name, all of them last season.

Many thanks to the big fella for taking the time to answer, and hopefully we’ll see you back out there soon.

Enjoy reading what Morgyn had to say to us.


Ambitions – Any remaining ones in football?

To do well with Dumbarton try and get into the playoffs.

Booze – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on a team night out?

The chewing gum one has been mentioned a few times but it’s golden so that

Centre half – Did you always want to be one like your dad, or have you tried playing other positions on the pitch?

When I was younger I started off in midfield, then started to play at the back and I found I prefer the ugly side of the game.

Dumbarton – How are you enjoying life with the club and how challenging are the current circumstances?

Brilliant – it’s probably one of the best clubs I’ve been at, in fact the best. The staff, players and the fans are what makes the club a good one. It’s difficult but just glad we are coming back and hopefully fans are too!

Euro 2021 – Who do you think will win it and why?

Portugal, because of Ronaldo – simple!

Fans – Ever heard any amusing shouts from the sidelines?

Put it this way – not many good shouts! Ha ha ha!

Gogglebox – What are your favourite TV shows/movies?

Prison Break and Only Fools And Horses

Horrible – What’s the worst weather you’ve ever played football in?

The Raith game last year, the 1-0 game. But it was worth it!

Injuries – Ever had any particularly nasty ones?

During my time at Stenny I fractured my metatarsal.

Jim Duffy – What do you feel you’ve gained from working with the Sons boss?

A lot, because before the gaffer I had never worked with a manager or coach who was a defender. He’s positive and straight to the point which I like, he’s helped me massively.

Karaoke – What would be your song if you had to do it?

Elvis Presley – any of his songs. He’s the king.

Laugh Out Loud – Ever had any embarrassing moments in football?

Probably having that gumshield in the mouth all the time – when I’m shouting, the boys can’t make out what I’m saying half the time. That gives stef a wee chuckle and something to say.

Magnificent – Who is your all-time hero in football?

Ronaldo – best player in the world.

Nou Camp – What’s the best stadium you’ve played in?

Ibrox – amazing atmosphere.

Outrageous – What’s the biggest fashion disaster you’ve seen on one of your team-mates, past or present?

Issac Layne – this guy wore slippers, shorts, a bandana and vest and thought he was a gangster.

Pick that out – What’s the best goal you’ve scored in your career?

I’ve not scored many eye-catching goals, so my cool, calm finish against Clyde last season – and my celebration was better.

Queen – Who are your favourite bands/musical artists?

Elvis Presley.

Referee – Would you consider becoming one?


Supporters – Has playing behind closed doors made you wish that they could be in the stadium? What would be your message to the fans?

Definitely. I would just like to say we will produce results and performances so it makes it easier watching from home and we are hopeful of seeing you soon.

Time machine – If you could go back and witness/play in any game as spectator or player, which one and why?

The Real Madrid game v Atletico when Ronaldo turned it on.

Ugly – What’s the angriest scene you’ve witnessed in a dressing room after a game?

David Hutton chasing JP McGovern to knock him out and big Craig Beattie holding him over his shoulder.

VAR – Are you a fan of it?

Nope, it’s horrendous.

Wish you were here – What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Mexico, simply amazing.

Xylophone – Any hidden talents away from football?

Darts – not bad at it and love playing.

You’re having a laugh – Ever played, or fallen for, any practical jokes in football?

No – I’m switched on.

Zzzzzzz – Whose patter sends you to sleep?

Sam Wardrop – boring.

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