Saturday 27th February 2021

DANIEL CHURCH, one of our more recent signings, is the latest player in the chair for our A-Z questionnaire among the squad.

Daniel arrived in November and was handed a tough debut, against Premiership opposition in Kilmarnock – a game we asked him about as part of the questions.

He has played six games for DFC so far and recently extended his deal until the end of the season before the suspension of football took over.

Many thanks to Daniel for taking the time to answer and hopefully we’ll see you add to that tally of games played soon.

Enjoy reading what he had to say.


Ambitions – Any remaining ones in the game?

I think immediate ambitions are to play as many games as I can for Dumbarton and help the team where I can. For future I want to test myself at as high a level as possible and try to make a career.

Booze – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on a team night out?

I went to Dublin last year with my Celtic team-mates and one boy ended up doing the worm across the bar, tipping almost every pint glass as he went.

Celtic – What were your feelings upon leaving Parkhead after 13 years in 2020?

I was ready for it in the end. I spent a lot of time at Celtic and learned a lot, however it was time for change and to give myself a different test in men’s football.

Dumbarton – How are you enjoying life with the club and how challenging are the current circumstances?

I’m loving it here. I had quite a frustrating time since March leaving Celtic, training with several teams and it didn’t work so to be back playing every week was brilliant. The current circumstances are tough but you just need to stay motivated and keep up your fitness as much as you can.

Euro 2021 – Who do you think will win it and why?

I fancy Portugal. I think they have a young team full of good players – Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva and of course they have the best player in the world, Ronaldo.

Foul weather – What’s the worst weather you’ve ever played football in?

I played a game last year when I was on loan to East Fife and the goalkeeper took a goal kick and the wind was that strong it came back and went out for a corner to the other team.

Gogglebox – What are your favourite TV shows/movies?

TV show I have to say Money Heist, it’s a brilliant watch and I’m patiently waiting on part 5 coming out. Movies- White House down is brilliant, London has Fallen as well. Big fan of the action films.

Hero – Who is your all-time favourite player in the game?

Growing up I loved Wayne Rooney with Man United – particularly the era with Sir Alex and when Ronaldo was there. I used to buy a lot of Man United kits and ended up going to do the tour one year as well.

Injuries – Have you ever had any particularly nasty ones?

I’ve had an operation on my knee a few years ago. I was playing against France in the under-17s Euros and tore my meniscus but it was easy to repair and recovered fully.

Jim Duffy – What do you feel you’ve gained from working with the Sons boss?

I’ve took a lot from the gaffer in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve learned a lot on the tactical side, where to be in certain situations and a lot about body position.

Kilmarnock – How did it feel making your debut for Dumbarton with the challenge of facing a Premiership club on their own pitch?

I was full of mixed emotions for this one. I was quite nervous for it having not played a match in such a long time – I felt like I was chasing shadows in the first 10 minutes. But I was also buzzing to be back playing with a team and in a match again. To play against a Premiership side was great experience and the boys did really well.

Laugh Out Loud – Ever had any embarrassing moments in football?

I was coming back from Tenerife with my family and the next day I was heading to Austria to do pre-season with Celtic, so I needed a haircut and the only place open was a Turkish barbers at the Glasgow Fort. I asked him for my usual and halfway through the cut he said something to me, but in Turkish, and I thought he was just asking if the haircut looked alright so I was like ‘yeah, yeah’. The next thing, he shaved one of my eyebrows clean off! And he then said: “Do you want the other one as well?” so of course if one was off the other had to come off too. So I then spent two weeks with my team in Austria with no eyebrows.

Mates – Who are your best ones in football?

My best mates in football are Stephen Welsh who’s with Celtic, Jack Aitchison who’s with Barnsley on loan to Stevenage, Joshua Rae who’s the goalkeeper for Peterhead and Grant Savoury who doesn’t have a team right now. I grew up with all of them through the years at Celtic.

Nou Camp – What’s the best stadium you’ve played in?

I played against Portugal in Boavista’s stadium a few years ago and that was mad! It brought back memories to when Celtic played there many years ago and it was just an unreal experience.

Outrageous – What’s the biggest fashion disaster you’ve seen on one of your team-mates, past or present?

One time I was up training with the reserves at Celtic when I was younger and none of the boys were happy with the top the goalkeeper came in with, so they cut the nipples out of his top. Safe to say he definitely went straight home that day.

Pick that out – What’s the best goal you’ve ever scored?

This one wasn’t the best goal I’ve scored but it meant the most. I scored to put us 1-0 up against Wales in the Victory Shield with Scotland and brought out a knee slide.

Queen – Who are your favourite bands/musical artists?

My music taste varies a lot, I like a band called Picture This – they’re an Irish band and have a lot of chilled guitar songs. I also like a lot of R&B with like Drake, Lil Baby etc.

Red card – What was your first red card, and what was it for?

I’ve actually not had a red card so far in my career yet…

Supporters – Has playing behind closed doors made you wish that they could be in the stadium? What would be your message to the fans?

I think supporters are missed a lot at the games, it’s too quiet and it takes away the atmosphere. My message would be stay safe and I hope to play in front of you all for the first time soon.

Time machine – If you could go back and re-live any game, as player or spectator, which would it be?

It would have to be the Glasgow Cup final two years ago. We were 2-0 up against Rangers at half time cruising playing so well. Rangers came out and scored two in the second half to make it 2-2. We had a free kick in added time and we scored from it to win the game 3-2. The feeling and the celebrations after it were insane.

Ugly – What’s the angriest scene you’ve witnessed in a dressing room after a game?

We were under-15s at Celtic away on a tournament and we played Northern Ireland (our coach was a big Celtic fan). Before the game when the captains went for the coin toss their captain gave us a little friendship plaque thing. We lost the game and got put out of the tournament. After the game in the dressing room the coach started throwing the friendship thing off the ground going off his head at everyone.

VAR – Are you a fan of it?

I can see both sides of it. I hate the way it takes part of the excitement away from football and disrupts the game sometimes. However I hate when teams get points for goals they shouldn’t deserve or a wrong decision. I guess it provides a bit of consistency.

Wish you were here – What’s your favourite hol
iday destination?

I went to Riviera Maya in Mexico a few years ago and it was unreal. It felt like a different world staying in that resort having everything so close to you and amazing weather.

Xylophone – Any hidden talents outside the game?

No hidden talents at all, ha ha!

You’re having me on – Ever fallen for, or played, any practical jokes among team-mates?

At Celtic you’d have to hide your keys and your phone every day. Someone’s car would get driven down the road and hidden somewhere or have toothpaste all over it or the full thing filled with bottles. With the phones, if you left your phone in your pocket they would ask Siri to send texts to people you’d definitely not want to be saying certain things to.

Zzzzzzz – Whose patter sends you to sleep?

He’s not here anymore but a few words out of Chrissy Hamilton and you’ll be gone for the night.

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