Sunday 7th March 2021

GOALKEEPER Chris Smith is the next player in the spotlight for our A-Z series with the Sons squad.

Having celebrated his 35th birthday on Friday, he’s the veteran of the squad, having returned as a signed player in the close season.

He talks us through THAT game at Airdrie, his favourite things in and out of football…and did you know he’s a qualified referee?

Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to answer our questions and as we posted on Twitter on the actual day, many happy returns!

Enjoy reading what he had to say.


Airdrie – That was some game back in October! How did it rank among the best you’ve played, especially having only come into the starting XI at the last minute?

It was a good day for not only me but the team as a whole. Even when I picked up the injury late on the boys pulled together and helped me out and we seen out the win. Again, I didn’t have a great deal to do but clean sheet and a win was a good feeling.

Booze – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on a team night out?

I’m teetotal, never drank so I’m normally away before the carnage starts! Maybe Charlie Adam getting hit by a bus with his Spider-Man costume on.

Champions – You won the league and Challenge Cup double with St Mirren in season 2005/06; what was it like being part of such a successful team?

Being so young, it doesn’t really sink in until you are my age now. I have played with a lot of great players that haven’t won anything but I had won two championships with St Mirren and Dunfermline to get to the Premier League by the time I was 24-25, which was special.

Dumbarton – How are you enjoying life with the club and how challenging are the current circumstances?

It’s my second spell with the club and I’m enjoying it. The boys are great and working with Robert the goalie coach is good as well. Having big Kev previously and Joshua now is always going to be a positive as the guys both train at a high standard and push my standard up too. It also gives me an opportunity to help the younger guys starting out in the game.

Euro 2021 – Who do you think will win it and why?

I have no idea to be honest. It will be more interesting with Scotland there anyway. If I had to pick someone, I’d say France.

Future – Any remaining ambitions in the game?

I’d love to say another promotion but at 35 and moving the way I do, I’d take another season!

Gogglebox – What are your favourite TV shows/movies?

Entourage is easily the favourite. Sopranos is another. Movies, there’s a few, Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump. Classics. And Die Hard for good measure.

Horrible – What’s the worst weather you’ve ever played football in?

Being a goalie, standing when it’s pouring rain or freezing is never good so any of those games.

Iron curtain – What’s the best save you’ve ever made?

My dad would probably have a better idea than me. To be honest, making saves is part and parcel of being a goalie so it’s hard to pin point any.

Jim Duffy – What do you feel you’ve gained from working with the Sons boss?

When the gaffer called to bring me back at the start of the I jumped at the chance. He’s a realist and tells us how it is. Honest, just what players want. He knows the game inside out and for being in the game for such a long time he’s not old school.

Karaoke – What would be your song if you had to do it?

American Pie by Don McLean or Take It Easy by the eagles. I’m a brutal singer though!

Laugh Out Loud – Ever had any embarrassing moments in football?

Too many to mention. Suffered a few heavy defeats from the Old Firm so they’ll be up there.

Magnificent – Who is your all-time hero in football?

Andy Goram. Guy was incredible. Different from me, not the tallest but in the 90s he was easily one of the best in the world. Save from Pierre van Hooijdonk in the 3-3 draw Old Firm game in 95-96 is the best I’ve seen live.

Nou Camp – What’s the best stadium you’ve played in?

Ibrox, Parkhead and Hampden are amazing but atmosphere would have to be Tynecastle.

Outrageous – What’s the biggest fashion disaster you’ve seen on one of your team-mates, past or present?

John Potter, the Hibs assistant, had brutal gear all the time!!

Police – You’re in the force, how long have you been doing that now and where did the interest come from?

I’m seven years in the police, but if I could have continued full-time football then I’d have done that. However, job security was important at that time in my life and it’s a great career working with so many good people.

Queen – Who are your favourite bands/musical artists?

Wet Wet Wet to Coldplay. Bit of everything.

Referee – Would you consider becoming one?

Qualified back in 2011 I think it was. Hardest job on the planet. Having played the game you think you know it inside out until you’re standing with a whistle. My dad has refereed amateur football for about 25-30 years. He enjoys it but not something I’d pursue.

Supporters – Has playing behind closed doors made you wish that they could be in the stadium?What would be your message to the fans?

It’s a big deal for everyone. Fans are what makes football. But at the end of the day safety is the most important thing for everybody out there. Be patient, follow the guidelines, take care of each other and we’ll be back soon.

Time machine – If you could go back and witness/play in any game as spectator or player, which one and why?

As a fan, probably the Old Firm game in 95-96 I mentioned. Playing in, the 3-2 win over Motherwell to secure our place in the premier league with St Mirren in 2007. We were 2-0 down and Dunfermline were winning at Inverness. We turned it around, won 3-2 and Dunfermline lost 2-1, keeping us up and sending them down.

Ugly – What’s the angriest scene you’ve witnessed in a dressing room after a game?

To be honest, ugly scenes happen from time to time. I’ve been involved in a couple myself but they are mainly due to people wanting to win and expecting more from each other. I don’t mind it.

VAR – Are you a fan of it?

No. Managers, players, commentators and fans all demanded it down south however in Scotland be careful what you wish for!

Wish you were here – What’s your favourite holiday destination?


X-ray – Ever had any particularly nasty injuries?

I ruptured my ACL and Lateral ligament at St Mirren and didn’t realise I had done it. Played my last game with it beating Celtic 1-0 in the Scottish Cup before getting a routine scan and finding out all the damage.

You’re having a laugh – Ever played, or fallen for, any practical jokes in football?

Craig Hinchliffe and Stevie Woods were my mentors when I was a young boy and had me on toast every session. I was young and keen and these guys had been in the game for years so I’d buy anything they sold me. Trying to dive through a half circle passing hurdle (which is about 30cm wide and 20cm high) and getting caught with my head through one side, my shoulders through the other and my face in the mud is up there!

Zzzzzzz – Whose pafer sends you to sleep?

My patter isn’t exactly great so to call anybody out would be a bit silly. People in glass houses……

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