Monday 1st March 2021

FORWARD Adam Frizzell talks us through his life in and out of football in the latest instalment of our A-Z series.

The wee man first came to Dumbarton in the first half of season 2019/20 and quickly became the bane of Forfar Athletic’s lives – all three of his goals last season came against the Loons.

He returned to the club on a permanent basis at the start of this campaign, and added Clyde to his hit list by scoring the only goal of the game on his second ‘debut’ for Sons.

Many thanks to Adam for taking the time to answer our questions and hopefully there will be more games and goals soon.

Enjoy reading what he had to say.


Ambitions – Any remaining ones in the game?

I would love to get back in to full-time football at some stage. I’m very grateful for the gaffer and Dumbarton taking a chance on me after such a long time on the sidelines, giving me a chance to kick start my career again.

Booze – What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on a team night out?

Rico’s dance off against Morgyn Neill in Dublin has to take top spot. Big Scoop (Morgyn) doing the robot in front of a packed nightclub is a something I’ll never be able to unsee!

Chill factor – What’s the worst weather you’ve ever played football in?

I remember a game in Palmerston for Queen of the South around Christmas time when the sleet and snow was lashing down, it took me about 45 minutes in the shower to heat up afterwards.

Dumbarton – How are you enjoying life with the club and how challenging are the current circumstances?

Trying to maintain fitness yourself is really difficult so I just can’t wait to get everything back. Having been out so long it has given me a chance to try catch up fitness wise though, so that’s a positive spin at least.

Euro 2021 – Who do you think will win it and why?

Scotland without a doubt. The Steve Clarke low block is impregnable!

Forfar Athletic – You always seem to score against them; what’s the secret?

I always try to score and create goals as much as I can. I like to have a shot from distance, luckily they’ve seemed to fly in against them.

Gogglebox – What are your favourite TV shows/movies?

My favourite TV show is The Sopranos, I love Game of Thrones as well.

Hero – Who is your all-time favourite player in the game?

Has to be Lionel Messi, I don’t think it’s even a debate – he is the greatest of all time.

Injuries – Have you ever had any particularly nasty ones?

I’ve had a few bad ones but I most recently got knee reconstruction, so hopefully I’ve seen the back of bad injuries and I can kick in and get a good run of games here.

Jim Duffy – What do you feel you’ve gained from working with the Sons boss?

I was surprised at how chilled out the gaffer is. He gives us the freedom to go and play which is brilliant personally, a great person to learn from as he’s seen pretty much everything football has to offer.

Kilmarnock – What were your feelings on leaving permanently at the end of last season, having been there for so long?

I had some great years at Kilmarnock but I think my time was up, I hadn’t been involved for a while so it was definitely time to move on and make sure I’m getting that feeling back of playing every Saturday.

Laugh Out Loud – Ever had any embarrassing moments in football?

Nothing off the top of my head, doing initiation songs are awful but everyone has to do it.

Murrayfield – You’re one of very few footballers who can say they’ve scored there. What’s it like to play at and would you like to see it used for football more often?

That’s definitely my favourite goal just because it was last minute and in a stadium not many people can say they have scored in. I prefer Hampden though just because Murrayfield has a lot of ground between the supporters and the pitch, I think stadiums have a much better atmosphere when the fans are on top on the pitch.

Nou Camp – What’s the best stadium you’ve played in?

It would have to be Ibrox or Parkhead, just because that’s where you dream of playing from a young age. I also love Tynecastle just because the fans are so close and the atmosphere is unreal when it’s full.

Outrageous – What’s the biggest fashion disaster you’ve seen on one of your team-mates, past or present?

Isaac Layne was horrific, he had these Timberlands he would wear rain, hail or snow and they looked about 60 years old.

Pick that out – You scored a wonder goal at Firhill in 2017; that must be the best of your career to date. How hard will it be to match it?

I loved the goal against Clyde on my second debut just because I hadn’t kicked a ball for about a year. When I scored it felt like I had finally overcome the injury, so that was a special one as well.

Queen – Who are your favourite bands/musical artists?

I could listen to anything really except hardstyle, my favourite band is probably REM but without a doubt my favourite artist is Kanye West.

Red card – What was your first red card, and what was it for?

I’ve never had one thankfully, I’m usually the one on the receiving end of the tackles.

Supporters – Has playing behind closed doors made you wish that they could be in the stadium? What would be your message to the fans?

We were very lucky as footballers to be able to continue playing but it is totally different without the fans, it feels almost like playing reserve football again. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now so hopefully we can breeze through the last period of lockdown and get everyone back in enjoying football again.

Time machine – If you could go back and re-live any game, as player or spectator, which would it be?

I think I would choose to go and watch Maradona at the World Cup, he is a once in a lifetime character in every department and I’d have loved to see him live.

Ugly – What’s the angriest scene you’ve witnessed in a dressing room after a game?

After losing to Falkirk in the first leg of the play offs with Kilmarnock that is the lowest I’ve ever witnessed a dressing room. We managed to turn it around thankfully and the second leg was a very memorable day.

VAR – Are you a fan of it?

I’d use it only for goal line technology, it seems to be the blind leading the blind, nobody has any idea what the rules are. The way football is going it will be like American football soon, they need to either find a much better system or just scrap it completely.

Wish you were here – What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I’ve always wanted to go to America, I’d love to do Route 66.

Xylophone – Any hidden talents outside the game?

I love playing golf but I’m certainly not talented at it. I’ve battered Rico at FIFA countless times but I wouldn’t say that makes me talented because he’s rubbish.

You’re having me on – Ever fallen for, or played, any practical jokes among team-mates?

I love a good prank call, Dom Thomas is the best I’ve ever seen at them, he could sell snow to an Eskimo.

Zzzzzzz – Whose patter sends you to sleep?

He’s a great guy so I don’t like saying this but Sam Wardrop’s Tiktok puts him right at the top of the list.

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